Pallet Load Accumulation System

Dillin Automation Systems Corp. in Perrysburg, OH, known for providing accumulation systems to the food industry for over 35 years, has recently completed a Pallet Load Accumulation System for Double Diamond Fruit of Quincy, WA.

Dillin’s Pallet Load Accumulation System accepts mixed cases of various SKUs and sorts them via barcode then disperses the cases to the appropriate location assigned to each specific SKU.  The system uses multiple levels of conveyors stacked in a vertical orientation to preserve floor space.  The cases are sent to the appropriate level through Dillin’s robust Case Elevator which is designed to discharge cases onto any of the tiered conveyors as the SKU dictates.  Cases are accumulated in each specified level with all levels being monitored for case quantity.

Once a location has accumulated a complete pallet load of product, priority status is assigned and the cases are released to one of two downstream palletizers via Dillin’s specially designed Case Lowerator.   The system is fully automated and communicates with the palletizers, “telling” it which SKU is being delivered next.


All Dillin Automation systems are designed to fulfill the individual customer’s requirements of the application.

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