Continuous Combiners

Depending on your product and method of conveyance there are many ways to merge, divert, and combine multiple lanes of product into one lane. We have many years of experience in merging, diverting, and combining some of the most difficult products.

The basic premise of combining is to use an upstream metering device to create alternating gaps between products in order to blend multiple lanes of product together. This is a continuous process.

Dillin’s Combiners can be integrated with Dillin’s full line of products and controls to provide a stand-alone piece of equipment or a complete, customized system.


  • Continuous product flow, no slugging
  • Light to medium products such as trays, cartons, bottles, etc.


  • No back pressure due to non slugging method
  • Medium to high speed applications
  • Can combine numerous in feed lanes to single or multiple discharge lanes