CP2K - Incline/Decline

The CP2K Incline and CP2K Decline are perfect for elevating or lowering your unwrapped, over-wrapped, or difficult to handle product in a small footprint. We gently capture the bottom and top sides of your product by using Mat Top on the bottom then a CP belt on the top and convey your product up an incline or down a decline to your specified discharge elevation. Available in both painted mild steel or stainless steel construction. Product flow is visible from both sides of the incline. Automatic height adjustment to accommodate your multiple product heights is available upon request.


  • Small footprint that saves on floor space.
  • Handles multiple product heights
  • Customer specified infeed and discharge heights
  • Access or clean out doors available


  • Gentle pressure from top side CP belt
  • Adjustable to handle multiple product heights
  • Elevation angle of 60º