30-1500 Glue Applicator

Model 30-1500 Glue Applicator is designed to operate in high speed packaging lines to apply a film of adhesive to the top surface of container finishes so that a sheet liner in the cap will adhere to the finish. The machine is to be mounted against the conveyor between the filler and conveyor. The adhesive roll extends over the conveyor and is sufficiently wide to accommodate a wide range of container finish diameters. The adhesive must be of the cold type. The machine is not suitable for hot melt adhesives. The machine can also be used to apply a film of lubricant or similar substance.


  • Simple, single roll design
  • Self-cleaning roll eliminates adhesive build-up
  • Grooved glue roll face for uniform glue film
  • Adhesive control by use of a doctor blade adjustment
  • Mounts over existing conveyor upstream from capper
  • Readily adaptable to narrow and wide mouth containers
  • Variable speed drive to enable synchronization of adhesive roll to conveyor belt speed
  • Electrically operated roll lifting device
  • Simple controls, 110V
  • Sturdily constructed precision machine