Product Accumulation: Bi-Directional


Dillin’s dependable Bi-Directional Accumulator allows for controlled off-line product accumulation during minor equipment downtime events or change-overs.  Strategically positioning this accumulator downstream of high value producers such as a Filler, Capper or Labeler allows for consistent production flow ensuring optimum production performance.

This Re-Circulation Accumulator can be integrated with Dillin’s: Product Handling Conveyors, Merge/Divert Stations, Slat Sorters or Automatic  Lidders/Cappers to complete your production system requirements.


  • Steady state production converts to instant accumulation when needed.
  • Controlled transition of products to accumulation and de-accumulation modes.
  • Robust, quality driven design.
  • Applicable for round or semi-round container designs
  • Maximizes production throughput and efficiency.
  • Relieves product back pressure via off-set design.
  • Ensures efficient, non-binding accumulation and de-accumulation of product.
  • Small footprint relative to large accumulation capacity

This method of accumulation is ideal for round or semi-round products such as:

  • Canisters
  • Jars
  • Cups
  • Bottles
  • Cans