76-450 In-Line Steam Lug Vacuum Capper

The Diversified Capping Equipment, now Dillin Capping Systems, Model 76-450 In-Line Steam Vacuum Capper is designed to apply lug caps, twist-off, or push-on caps to glass containers. Filled containers pass through the capper on a conveyor that is integral to the capper. Non-marking side belts grip the containers. The leading edge of the container pulls a cap from the cap feed chute as it is conveyed. After the cap is picked up, the container travels forward under the cap leveling plate, where it is leveled and simultaneously turned to engage in the first thread. The container then passes under a pair of cap tightening belts for final tightening.


  • Applies lug caps or push-on caps
  • Non-marking side belts transfer through capper
  • Guided cap pick-up for consistent capping
  • Designed to introduce steam both under the cap and into the jar head space (steam injection)
  • Adjustable cap release chute for fast changeover
  • Non-marking cap tightening belts
  • Easy adjustments for accurate setup
  • Simple controls
  • Constructed primarily from stainless steel and other materials that are corrosion-resistant


  • Cap Feeders
  • Sorters
  • Connecting Chutes
  • Cap Detectors