Overhead Metering Belt

Overhead Metering Belts are ideal for products with a low profile that are difficult to grip on its sides. Our Overhead Metering Belts are used to meter or control the rate of flow of your products according to your system demands. As your product enters the Metering Belt the product speed will either be increased or decreased by an overhead urethane belt, which regulates the product flow at that point in your system. Each Overhead Metering Belt is configurable to meter multiple lanes of product to fulfill your needs.

Overhead Metering Belts can also be mounted on a vertical frame to meter flow of product transitioning from a high level conveyor to a low level conveyor. This allows your product to descend down a chute while still controlling the speed of the descending product.


  • Regulates product flow
  • Can operate as a stopping device
  • Includes access door safety switch


  • Belts that do not mark or scuff the products