Pneumatic Parts Feeder

The Pneumatic Parts Feeders (PPF) / Pneumatic Cap Blowers are designed to save time, eliminate unnecessary labor, and provide controlled delivery of parts for more efficient line operation. These units are ideally suited for cap handling and conveying to existing sorters or capper hoppers, but are also applicable for handling many other small parts including liners, fitments, corks, capsules, etc. The PPF is a compact, free-standing unit with a powerful motor driven air blower to effectively transport parts through tubing at an adjustable rate to locations up to several hundred feet from the unit. PPFs are produced in several sizes using stainless steel construction on all surfaces in contact with the product. With its sturdy construction and simple design, maintenance is as simple as changing filters. Fabricated Since 1979


  • Eliminates unnecessary labor
  • Compact, free-standing unit
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Flexible design w/ interchangeable components
  • Feeds parts to cappers, sorters, or prefeeder belts
  • Controls delivery of parts at adjustable rates
  • Transports parts with a motor-driven air blower
  • Simple control using relay logic
  • Tubing is designed to reduce static electricity
  • Clear tubing allows observation of parts
  • Capacities 3.8 cuft, 15.5 cuft, 24.3 cuft, 30 cuft, or 60 cuft


  • Available with heaters to preheat caps that require more flexibility during the capping process
  • Available with HEPA filters (efficiency of 99.97%) to remove fine airborne particles
  • Available with diverters for flow to multiple lines
  • Available with Gaylord Dumper


  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • 4", 6", 8"