Twin A Incline Decline

The Twin “A” Incline and Twin “A” Decline are perfect for elevating or declining your unwrapped, over-wrapped, or difficult to handle products in a small footprint. We gently capture the bottom and top two sides of your product by using Mat Top on the bottom and a urethane Twin “A” belt on the top and convey your product up an incline or down a decline to your specified discharge elevation. The 10 gauge channel construction creates a rigid frame of painted or stainless steel. Product flow is visible from both sides of the incline. Automatic height adjustment to accommodate your multiple product heights is available upon request.


  • Saves floor space
  • Handles multiple product heights
  • Customer specified infeed and discharge heights
  • Gentle pressure with positive grip from top side Twin “A”  belt
  • Access or clean out doors available
Twin A Incline Decline