FIFO Accumulator

The First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Accumulator utilizes a carousel design and can handle a full range of container and product types and sizes. Fitted with our patented RWave® transfer system, it gently places products on lift rails, eliminating any pushing and allowing for two rows of product to be accumulated on every rail. The FIFO Accumulator features a compact footprint while maintaining hundreds of feet of accumulation. Its open access and clear visibility enhances operator safety and efficiency.


  • Carousel Design
  • Handles a full range of container and product sizes.
  • Patented Rwave Transfer Technology facilitates gentle and precise product placement.
  • Front or Side Loading Capabilities
  • Optional Graphical User Interface with Reporting / Data Collection.
  • Intuitive Operator Alarms and Displays for Operation and Maintenance.

FIFO Accumulator
FIFO Accumulator